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For UK players, the choice in online casinos has never been greater. From the top of the food chain down, there are casino operators out there offering great bonuses and playing terms for gamblers, both online and on mobile and tablet devices. The UK is a key regulator for the online gambling industry, with countless casinos in the UK choosing to base their operations here, under the watchful eye of the Gambling Commission.

This means that UK players can have peace of mind that they are being presented with a fair deal that is legal and compliant. In fact, many of the larger UK online casinos are backed by huge companies with eye-watering revenues, some of which are even listed on the London Stock Exchange or major sporting sponsors in their own right.

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Our roving reviewers get out and about in the midst of the online gambling world, to bring you no-nonsense, fully-detailed reviews of the best online casinos and gambling experiences out there for British gamblers.

When we review casinos, we don’t just look at the bonuses – in our view, this is an important, but single piece of the puzzle. We also focus on the loyalty and VIP programs, the software provider, banking and support options and restrictions, withdrawal speeds and limits (so you always know where you stand), as well as generally looking into their track record. With the help of our reviews, we aim to encourage players to find the best casinos for their needs, where they will be treated fairly and generously – as well as standing any chance of actually winning.

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So how should you use these reviews and resources to find the best casino? The best route is to take advantage of free spins, free no deposit offers and other benefits for new players, so you can try out different platforms, games, support etc. to get a feel for the best options available to you.

This means you can check out different casinos before you make a deposit, and even before you take any risk at all. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of these free deposit offers now, and get out there into the world of online gambling for yourself – with any luck, it could be the best decision you ever made.