Online Casino Software

If you’ve spent any time looking for an online casino, you’ll already know just how many different providers there are out there. There are literally thousands of online casinos vying for your playing time, but beneath the bonnet they are mostly powered by the same software engines. There are just a few large companies licensing software for online slots sites and casinos. And the vast majority use one or other of these services. Many of those who don’t use more specialized software from smaller companies, but again these tend to be licensing relationships. So it’s unlikely you’re playing in a unique environment. This means you can expect, to some degree, a similar gambling experience across different platforms. But where do these platforms differ, Online Casino Softwareand should this influence your decision on where to gamble online?

The Biggest Casino Software Providers

There are a few huge names in the world of gambling software – Microgaming, Netent, Playtech and others, and you will find these proliferating across the web, powering a number of top casino sites. Most of the big name casinos use these types of platforms, which translates into a number of advantages for players. Firstly, if you’re chasing a huge jackpot, it’s going to be difficult to find it at the smaller casinos – the bigger sites running these types of software have the benefits of offering much more substantial progressive jackpots, and there are barely any liquidity problems for those winning big prizes. Of course, these benefits are limited, and in some cases you Small Casino Software Providerswill find the withdrawal times are longer, however withdrawal limits tend to be set more generously, so there are gains to be made.

Smaller Casino Software Providers

Some of the smaller providers are favoured by more experienced gamblers, either because they offer unique or different game selections, better features such as bonuses, loyalty/VIP programs, etc., and better banking and support functions. It makes sense that these smaller players would have to work harder to keep their gamblers happy than the larger casinos, and this manifests as better playing terms for you and me. However, beware that the prizes on offer may be naturally limited by the size of the casino, and you may run into liquidity problems on the casino’s side if you do happen to hit a substantial win.

Best Casino SoftwareBest Casino Software

If you’re a slots player and you’re looking for the best available jackpots, there’s no contest – you need to play with one of the bigger software providers, which we review in-depth on this site. If you’re just looking to have some fun and get better value from your bonuses loyalty programs and other perks, it’s often best to look at some of the smaller players.

When you read our in-depth reviews of different casinos and their offers, you can see which software powers their gaming experience. This can help you make the best choice for your gaming, to help make sure the casino you choose is the best fit for your individual needs.