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IGT Casino Software

Setup in the 1950s to provide Las Vegas casinos with a range of slots and other games, IGT became the first games provider of its kind to offer video poker machines. The industry has come a long way since the 50s, and IGT have been consistently at the forefront of innovation and development, pioneering hugely popular online and mobile slots games.
Acquiring several smaller industry players in its path to success, IGT slots software today powers a large selection of high quality games, used by some of the biggest online casinos in the industry. This ensures a fair, level playing field for all comers, so you can play safe in the knowledge that these games are winnable and honestly setup. With huge progressive jackpots available right across its network of games, IGT is one of the few slots software providers with the spending power to seriously change winners’ lives.

Games Offered

  • Cleopatra IGT SlotCleopatra: The ancient Egyptian-themed slots game is one of the most popular of its kind, taking players back to a land of scarab beatles and ancient Egyptian treasure. With plenty of spin bonuses and rewards along the way, Cleopatra is one example of IGT slots software at work, providing a highly playable, fast moving game that can drop serious financial rewards for those in the right place at the right time.
  • Wild Wolf: Scatters, spins and multipliers are a hallmark of IGT games, and these are demonstrated to good effect throughout Wild Wolf, one of the leading titles from this slots provider. While this game is showing its age in graphics, the back-end is slick, and players report profitable spins and large jackpot wins thanks to the well-balanced, fair setup of the game.
  • Monopoly: The classic board game turned online slots game, Monopoly is one of the leading slots titles offered by IGT software. Ever-present right across the industry, Monopoly is a hugely popular game, with local and progressive jackpots up for grabs for lucky players. With familiar graphics and a theme that most players will instantly recognise, Monopoly slots allows for profitable slots play from just a few coins.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Spin the Wheel of Fortune, as seen on TV, and stand a chance of winning huge jackpots with this IGT slots game. Fantastic themed graphics and featured-packed gameplay make this slots game a constant favourite among serious players and beginners alike, with a maximum win of up to £50,000 on the next spin.

 Pros and Cons

Feature-intensive slots: One of the stand-out features of IGT powered games is their feature list, and it is clear this is where IGT has spent most of its development time and effort. IGT slots provides games that have a range of bonus rounds, symbols and added extras, making them entertaining to play and keeping players coming back for more.

IGT Free Spins– Huge progressive jackpot network: Because IGT software is used so widely across online casino sites, the potential for progressive jackpots across its network is significantly enhanced. This makes it possible for players to enjoy life-changing amounts of money when they win progressive prizes, or to compete for substantial local jackpots if their gameplay falls short.

– Fewer games: While the game quality and features list of IGT slots is beyond doubt, they do offer fewer titles than some other players in the industry. This is because IGT tends to specialise on the games it has got, focusing on making improvements to their existing programme of slots rather than developing more numerous but less playable slots games.

– Not as many new releases: For the same reason, you won’t find too many brand new releases coming out of IGT onto the slots market. However, when the company does release new slots games, you can be sure they are powered by a strong back-end game engine, and likely enjoy a full set of in-game features that give you more ways to win.

Other Features

Player rewards and loyalty bonuses are built in to IGT software games, which track player performance and loyalty as you go. This means you can expect to get rewarded the longer you play these games, which some players report gives them better chances of walking away with a larger prize. At the same time, its starting minimum progressive jackpot of £1.5m is regularly reset when someone scoops the prize. IGT is in the business of creating millionaires from unsuspecting players, and with progressive jackpots like this to offer, it’s no wonder so many prefer IGT games over those from other slots providers.

Our Verdict

Widely seen online and on mobile casinos, IGT slots games form the backbone of many slots players’ preferences, with a wide range of high quality games to choose from. Compatible with online and mobile play in most instances, there is plenty to shout about with IGT games. And with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are playing in a secure environment on fair, balanced games, there are few reasons to look elsewhere.